Week Of Excellence

For the past thirteen (13) years the Social Partners, in collaboration with a number of key stakeholders, have sought to produce a week-long initiative which provides activities focused on creating and increasing productivity awareness and excellence in all areas of endeavour across the various sectors and industries of Barbados. This programme is known as The Week of Excellence.

The annual Week of Excellence Programme was initiated in 2003, and emerged in response to the impacts of globalisation and the new market liberalisation thrust, which increased the need for productivity-focussed businesses and effective competitiveness strategies in Barbados, as the business sector fought to survive in the new global village.

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A Word From Our Chairman

Akhentoolove Corbin

Dear stakeholders, welcome to the Productivity Council!

We are a very small institution in terms of structure and number of staff, but with responsibilities as a major player in terms of the growth and sustainability of Barbados. The Productivity Council was established as a component of the first Prices and Incomes Protocol and reflects the spirit of the Social Partnership in Barbados……

A Word from our Executive Director

John Pilgrim

In the context of globalisation, trade liberalization, the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) and global recessionary forces, there is probably no single issue that is receiving more attention from government, employers, and the unions, than that of productivity and competitiveness.  The lowering of trade and investment barriers in the 1990s created new opportunities for Caribbean countries, but at the same time precipitated significant challenges.

For over two decades the tripartite-governed Productivity Council has executed…

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